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BEAM is an engineering design firm that handles the following engineering, planning, and consulting matters

  • Curtain walls (conventional and structural glazing)
  • Unitized curtain walls
  • Spider facades
  • Doors and windows
  • Skylights
  • Balustrades
  • Metal cladding and glass canopies
  • Wall, soffit and roof cladding
  • Sunshades and decorative cladding
  • Architectural louvers

BEAM is a company that provides a full range of engineering and project management services to its clients according to their building envelope plans and expectations.

Our engineering services involve the following stakeholders:

For Clients, Building Owners, and Main Contractors

For Consultants                                      

  • Cost analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Third party by:
    • Controlling design drawing
    • Controlling structural engineering
    •       Controlling site supervision
  • Concept design drawingsgchomeplans
  • Performance specification
  • Glazing selection


For Aluminum Contractors    
  • Concept design drawings and system selection
  • Technical shop drawing submittal
  • Structural calculation reports
  • Technical material submittal
  • Material orders
  • Glass orders
  • Production drawings
  • Project program
  • Method statement
  • Approvals on shop drawings and materials submittal form consultant



  • Outgoing correspondence with the client
  • Periodic “payment certificate”
  • Weekly planning schedule for the various ongoing activities
  • Issuance of variation orders for the additional works
  • Preparation of full progress report with the status of the project on by-weekly basis
  • Production follow-up and delivery schedules by production manager all the way
  • through Installation
  • Preparation of weekly schedule for the necessary manpower
  • Management of site supervisory staff
  • On-site installation monitoring
  • Expenses monitoring to ensure compliance with the project’s allocated budget