BEAM design firm serves the following groups of clients.

 Architects and Consultants  

YES, we can answer the question of whether or not Façade can be built.

We can assist in providing solutions for Architectural Façade Designs that

are viable,practical, and cost effective. We support our solutions with proper

details and we introduce a custom made solution for facades and place a full

set of specifications.



Clients and Building Owners Main Contractors

We strive to set quality and

economical aluminum

systems along with cost analysis

for affordable facades at great value.

We monitor aluminum subcontractors in

preparing the shop drawings and

structural reports and reviewing all

drawings before submitting to the consultant.

Aluminum Subcontractors  

We provide full technical services starting with Concept Design followed by

Shop Drawings, Structural Calculations Analysis, Die Drawings, Material Submittals,

Materials Take Off, Glass Take Off, and Production Drawings, while minimizing time

and cost for the project during the design stage.

We also assure providing a project management service by adding value to the

project under monitoring all the BOQ items and issuing a time schedule of execution

including all of the project’s activities and trades. We also issue purchasing and

controlling invoice plans. We strive to make the project budget fit within the limits

of its range. We provide variation order lists and we issue the payment

certificates /invoices on a monthly basis.

Our monthly report will organize the project and also show its progress.